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Heritage Slow Smoked Meats

Take Home the Heritage Today

Heritage Slow Smoked Meats by Dahl's

W.T. Dahl built Dahl’s Foods on the premise of providing customers with the best foods at a fair price – quality foods that are always fresh and consistently flavorful. That tradition continues today with the superior standards and taste found when you take home some of Dahl’s Heritage Slow Smoked Meats. 

Now, in every Dahl’s store, you can enjoy the incredible taste of our all-natural Certified Angus Beef, Farmland Pork and Tyson Chicken – smothered in Southern Pride Culinary Premium Blend Seasoning and slow smoked to perfection over our special hickory wood.

Smoked meats are available year round from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm at every Dahl’s deli counter.*



Pulled Pork

Turkey and Salmon

  • Whole Smoked Turkeys and Smoked Salmon available upon request 

*For orders of six or more, please give the deli 24-hour advanced notice.