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Easy Baked Tilapia

When we say easy, we mean EASY. With this recipe, dinner is ready in a snap.

Citrus Buttered Lobster

Try this easy recipe for your next 'Surf and Turf ' meal at home.

True Shrimp Creole

This traditional Fat Tuesday meal may also be a nice addition to your seafood recipes used during the Lenten season!

Champagne Sauced Cod

Everything goes better with bubbly - especially fresh fish!

Asian Infused Steelhead Trout

Steelhead trout is a variety of rainbow trout and is very much like salmon in color, taste and texture.

Bronzed Swordfish with Tropical Fruit and Black Bean Salsa

Take the time to make this fruit salsa. The fish is the easy part and the combination is delicious!!

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Sea Scallops with Summer Succotash

Sea scallops have such an intense sweet flavor they don't need much preparation to be delicious.

Halibut Steaks

You won't have to fish for a compliment with this meal!

Baked Cod with Boursin Herb Cheese

An outstanding fish recipe for a quick and easy-to-prepare dinner. Add a tossed salad, a green vegetable side dish, and your dinner is complete.

Poor Man's Lobster

Have you heard of Poor Man's Lobster? It's not exactly the same flavor as lobster but comes very close and is much more affordable.

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