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My Ways to Save Club Card

As a My Ways to Save member, nearly every purchase at Dahl’s builds fuel savings points to help you pay less for gas at any Dahl's Fuel or QuikTrip location. And now we’ve added even more ways for you to save.

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Four Ways to Save

1. Everyday Earnings

$25 – $49.99 groceries 2¢ off per gallon
 $50 – $99.99 groceries
4¢ off per gallon
 $100 – $149.99 groceries
9¢ off per gallon
 $150+ groceries
15¢ off per gallon
Every prescription filled 5¢ off per gallon

2. Built-up Bonus

Spend a total of $500 at Dahl’s across multiple trips to the grocery store and your MWTS account will automatically receive an extra 10¢ per gallon discount.

3. Perk Points

Look for the specially marked products throughout the store that give you 1¢, 2¢, 3¢ ... up to 25¢ per gallon fuel savings instantly on each item!

4. Card Coupons

Each month, we’ll load exclusive discount coupons to your My Ways to Save Club Card on some of your favorite grocery items.

With all these new ways to save, you can quickly build up significant savings in the store and at the pump! It literally pays to be a My Ways to Save Club Card holder.

Using Your My Ways to Save Club Card is Easy!

Shop at Dahl's

Swipe your card at the checkout and earn money off each gallon of gas you buy (up to 20 gallons) just for buying groceries.
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Find a Gas Station

Redeem your My Ways to Save fuel discount at any Des Moines metro Dahl's Fuel or QuikTrip locations.

Save at the Pump

Follow the instructions at the pump to get your discount. Fuel points are valid until the end of the following month in which they were rewarded.
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